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A Planar Coupled-Fed Unidirection Dual-Band Antennna for GSM, UMTS, WLAN, LTE and Wi-MAX Applications

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A novel planar unidirectional printed Dual-Band antenna is presented and studied in this paper. The first band covers global system for mobile communication (GSM), universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS), wirless local area network (WLAN) and long term evaluation (LTE), while the second one covers the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (Wi-MAX) band. The proposed antenna structure occupies an area equals 70×70 mm. The antenna is composed of a pair of folded dipoles which are coupling fed by a T-shaped microstrip line. The obtained impedance bandwidths across dual operating bands approach 1.3 GHz and 420 MHz at the first and second bands, respectively. This proposed antenna presents a gain about 7 dB. This antenna is simpler in construction and designed and can be integrated on vehicles, train or aircrafts. The analysis and optimization of the proposed antenna have been performed using the 3D electromagnetic simulator HFSS (high frequency Structure Simulator) and CST MWS (computer Simulation Technology-Microwaves Studio).
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Propagation Planar; Dual-Band; Unidirectional; T-Shaped Microstrip

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