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A Novel Design of Dual-Band Coupler with Stepped-Impedance Open Stubs

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This paper presents a novel dual band coupler design that can operate at two frequency bands. It is accomplished by modifying the length and impedance of the branch lines in the conventional structure. Open stubs are used to achieve dual band branch line coupler with compact size and improve the performances. The dimensions of a conventional BLC “Branch Line coupler” occupy large area, according to the length of the transmission line which is always (g/4 of the operating frequency, ( is so long at low frequencies. When we use open ended stubs the dimensions of the new BLC is reduced compared to the conventional design. The proposed model was shown to reduce the size of the dual-band BLC around 61% based on the proposed topology. It was designed and simulated using EM solver tools for both DCS and WIMAX systems. The final optimized microstrip coupler was fabricated and measured. The simulation and measurement results are in good agreements.
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Microstrip; Branch Line Coupler; Dual Band; Open Stub; Stepped Impedance; ADS Agilent Technologies; CST Microwave Studio

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