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An Efficient Mac Protocol for Reducing Channel Interference and Access Delay in Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks

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With the increase of wireless mesh networks, channel access, bandwidth usage and channel interferences are the major key issues of multi-channel WMNs and MAC specifications. The multi-radio, multi-channel wireless mesh networks (MR-MC-WMNs) are a kind of networks that provide high reliable communication for a large number of mesh nodes. These networks have mesh routers and channels that are stationary and each router or node has multiple channels. Although IEEE 802.11 versions support up to 3 and 12 multiple non-overlapping channels, it is the major challenge of the multichannel environment which exploits all channels to communicate a large volume of network data in WMNs. Cognitive radio users has the capability to access unused portion of the multichannel spectrum.  The major interference can be created by CR as well as licensed user. Traditional MAC based operations are implemented using common-control-channel to handle cognitive radio end users. We proposed a new Multi-objective based CMR-MC-WMNs framework using TDMA based MAC protocol to optimize the network performance, channel interference and access delay issues in the network. Experimental results prove that, proposed work has less delay and inference rates compared to traditional models.
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Access Delay; TDMA; MAC; Multi-Channel; Multi-Radio

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