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Modified Square Fractal Antenna for Multiband Application

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Antennas with low profile, compact size, multiband are in great insist in modern telecommunication system. Fractal antennas are simple, lightweight and compact. A compact fractal antenna derived from Sierpinski triangle concept, but in different modern way by rotating the square in tiny degrees, then migrated the new square with the old one to create a new antenna with 70 × 70 mm2 substrate scale. In this paper, a new model antenna was researched for application that requires multiband and wide range of frequencies from 1 GHz to 10 GHz, with 10 frequency responses with VSWR bandwidth nearly less than 1.8 for all these frequencies, and with average return loss bandwidth almost -15 dB.
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Fractal; Multiband; Low Profile; Sierprinski; Compact

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