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A Novel Design of a Ring Resonator Low Pass Filter

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This paper presents a novel structure of low pass filter designed by using microstrip technology. The proposed filter consists of a modified ring resonator with open stubs and two input/output feed lines. Based on series of optimization and a specific design method, a compact low pass filter with good electrical performances is obtained. In order to characterize the frequency response of the proposed filter, the simulations are carried out using two different solvers (ADS Agilent and CST-MWS). Furthermore, to validate the conception approach the circuit is manufactured and measured. The experimental results shows a wide attenuation band with a good rejection level up to 6 GHz, a cutoff frequency of 2.66 GHz and a reduced insertion loss level. In addition, a good agreement between the simulation and the measured results is achieved.
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Insertion Loss; Low Pass Filter; Microstrip Technology; Planar Filters; Rejection

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