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Hybrid Structure and Fuzzy Logic High Precision Control for Non-Geostationary Satellite Antenna Tracking

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In recent years, the accurate control of the antenna pointing system faced an increasing development. New model and control scheme are here proposed to optimize the stability of a tracking platform for non-geostationary satellite antenna. Two different control schemes are compared to control the antenna; a conventional linear PI control scheme, and a FLC (Fuzzy Logic Controller)-based non-linear control scheme. Moreover, in this paper we consider the antenna tracking based on traditional actuator using only DC motor compared to a hybrid linear actuator consisting of a DC motor and a lead screw in series with a piezoelectric stack. The performances of these strategies and their characteristics are analyzed and discussed. The proposed schemes are modeled in Matlab/Simulink environment in order to validate their practical applications by computer simulations.
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Antenna; Satellite; Tracking Platform; PI Controller; Fuzzy Controller

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