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Design of UWB Multilayer Patch Antenna Using T-Probe for Breast Tumor Detection

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This article presents the design of a miniaturized multilayer patch antenna for microwave medical imaging applications. We propose a miniature multilayer printed antenna that meets the UWB characteristics in terms of bandwidth and reflection coefficient. This antenna is designed for a system to detect malignant tumors by microwave imaging. The structure of the antenna is nearly the same with the traditional microstrip patch antenna except the feeding method. By using T-probe and multilayer structure. The result shows that the impedance bandwidth (VSWR ≤ 2) of the proposed antenna is 6.40GHz (5.12 GHz to 11.52 GHz), which is equivalent to 76.93%. The gain of the antenna is almost 6.5dB across the operating bandwidth.
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Patch Antenna; Breast Tumor; UWB; Feed-Probe; Multilayer

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