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A Novel RFID Antenna with HIS Structure for Ka Band

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In this paper the radio-frequency identification (RFID) concept is expanded to millimeter-wave frequencies and millimeter-wave identification. In the first part of this paper, we will focus on the design of a notched patch antenna operating at 30 GHz (Ka Band) using CST- Microwave-studio software. In the second part, we will analyze the behaviors of this patch antenna surrounded by one of the well-known High Impedance Surface (HIS): HIS of Sievenpiper. Through computer simulations, we will demonstrate that adding this surface to the design of the notched patch antenna reduces significantly the wave surface propagation. As a result, we will improve the antenna performances such as gain, directivity and bandwidth. The experimental measurements taken using the proposed antenna are in good agreement with the computational results.
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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); High-Impedance Surface (HIS); Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC); Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG); Millimeter Wave Identification

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