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Asymmetric Defected Ground Structured Monopole Antenna for Wideband Communication Systems

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A compact wideband CPW-FED monopole antenna for wireless communication applications is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna consists of very compact in size on RT-Duroid substrate with thickness of 1.6mm. The initial design antenna structure generates two separate impedance bandwidths to cover the frequency band of several wireless communication applications. In addition, the antenna exhibits monopole like radiation characteristics and good antenna gain over its operating bands, which is suitable to be integrated within the portable devices for wireless communication. These monopole antennas require a relatively large ground-plane structure that can be of various configurations typically in the shape of a square, rectangle, circle, or ellipse. Defected ground structure (DGS) has also been investigated and found to reduce the antenna size as well as excite additional resonance modes. In this paper, a relatively small wideband monopole antenna is presented for Wireless communication applications. The antenna’s performance was simulated using Ansoft’s HFSS prior to its fabrication. The effect of the antenna’s key structural parameters on its performance also analyzed.
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Asymmetric Monopole; Compact Antenna; Communication Systems; Wideband Antenna; Defected Ground Structure (DGS)

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