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Magnetic Tag Antenna for UHF Near-field and Far-Field RFID Applications

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A novel broadband magnetic Tag antenna for ultra-high frequency (UHF) near-field (NF) and far-field (FF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications is presented. This antenna is printed on an Rogers RT/duroid 5880 substrate with an overall size of 68 × 19.7 × 0.787 mm. The simulated bandwidth of the proposed Tag antenna is more than 100 MHz (860960MHz), which can cover the entire UHF RFID band. The proposed structure can generate a strong and uniform H-field distribution in the region around the antenna. The minimum power required to activate the Tag at 900 MHz is approximately of -12.6 dBm in the near-zone (18 cm) and 2.8 dBm in the far-zone (65 cm) in anechoic chamber. The measured read range is about 15 m when the transmission power level is 25 dBm in open environment. Measurements show that the antenna operating confirms good performance of Tag identification for near-field and far-field UHF RFID applications.
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Near-Field (NF); Far-Field (FF); Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)

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