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Compact Printed Dipole Antenna for L- Band Radar Applications

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This paper presents the design and analysis of a compact microstirp fed wide band printed dipole antenna operating in L band. The dipole antenna bandwidth is improved by flaring of dipole arms, tapering ground plane, and the best impedance matching is achieved by introducing an open circuited stub with dipole arm. Parametric study is carried out to study the effect of dipole length and arm width on the antenna resonant frequency and bandwidth has also been investigated. The antenna is printed on FR4 substrate and the simulated return loss bandwidth is validated by the measured result. The fabricated antenna provides a wide bandwidth of 51.2% at the centre frequency of 1.3 GHz and the peak gain of 3.2 dB which is suitable for phased array radar applications.
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Microstrip Fed; Wideband Dipole; Flared Arms; Shaped Ground; Open Circuited Stub

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