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Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Elliptical Monopole with Modified Ground for Applications in Radiometric Measurements

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Elliptical monopole antennas are commonly proposed in the literature especially for their ultra-wideband performance. In this work an elliptical monopole is studied with regard to the ellipticity ratio lower bound and a simplified formula for the major axis length is derived for maintaining wideband performance. The monopole is intended for black body radiometric (passive) measurements in the 1-5 GHz band so a number of conditions have to be met. Modifications to the ground plane were explored in order to minimize the total dimensions of the structure to fit in the front end of a microwave radiometer probe and enhance the performance in the lower frequencies of the band of interest. The antenna is intended for measurements in close proximity so the near field behavior of the structure is studied. The measured VSWR of the proposed structure is in good agreement with the simulated values.
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Biomedical Antenna; Elliptical Monopole; Ellipticity Ratio; HFSS; Measurements

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