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Conception and Optimization of Patch Array Antenna for WiMAX Applications Using Stubs and Slots Techniques Matching

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This paper discusses the investigation of reflection coefficient enhancement for microstrip Patch Array Antenna 2×2 by putting up a slot and stub on the patch. Here, the antenna is designed to work at center frequency around 5.38 GHz for WiMAX applications. It is designed on FR4 laminate with relative dielectric constant of 4.05, thickness substrate h=3.2 mm, and fed by 50Ω probe coaxial cable. Our optimization is to get better matching impedance in terms of reflection coefficient, using two famous technical of matching: novel stub of transmission line technique in antenna and slots technique in ground plane for keep our resonance frequency. The designed array antenna structure is planar and simple; it can be easily mount in wireless communication systems and integrated with microwave circuitry for low manufacturing cost. Ansoft's High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) and Computer Simulation Tool (CST) softwares are used to calculate and compare the various parameters mentioned before.
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Rectangular Patch; WiMAX; Return Loss; VSWR; Gain; Directivity; HFSS; CST

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