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Medium Frequency Propagation Characteristics of Different Transmission Lines in an Underground Coal Mine

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A medium frequency (MF) communication system operating in an underground coal mine couples its signals to a long conductor, which acts as an MF transmission line (TL) in a tunnel to permit communications among transceivers along the line. The TL is generally the longest signal path for the system, and its propagation characteristics will have a major impact on the performance of the MF communication system. In this study, the propagation characteristics of three types of MF TLs in two layouts––on the roof and on the floor of a coal mine tunnel––were obtained in an effort to understand the propagation characteristics of different TLs in different locations. The study confirmed a low MF signal loss on all of these TLs. The study also found that the TLs in different layouts had substantially different propagation characteristics. The propagation characteristics of these different TLs in different layouts are presented in the paper.
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Attenuation Measurement; Phase Measurement; Propagation Constant; Propagation Losses; Transmission Line Measurement

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