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XOR-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Clustering techniques were widely used for routing protocols in wireless sensors networks (WSNs) due to their efficiency in permitting a balanced energy distribution. LEACH is one of the most known routing protocol because of its effectiveness. However, it has many drawbacks such as its unreasonable clustering election process. In this paper, we propose a new technique to organize and manage cluster-head election in order to provide better performances. Proposed algorithm, which is based on LEACH and so-called XOR-LEACH, adapts the logical XOR operator in order to improve the cluster-head election procedure. To achieve this goal, instead of the random cluster-heads election procedure, an XOR logical operation between the last cluster-head selection and a randomly generated binary vector will determine the new cluster-head selection.  The proposed algorithm shows a meaningful improvement in terms of energy consumption, throughput and network lifetime compared with LEACH and a recent modified LEACH so called ModLEACH.
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Wireless Sensor Networks; Clustering; LEACH; XOR Logical Operation

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