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Energy Efficient Tree Routing Protocol for Topology Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless Sensor Network is characterized by scarce resources such as energy, bandwidth, data rate etc. Routing techniques are required for sending data between sensor nodes and base station. The choice of routing algorithm depends on the application and the environment considered. In this paper, we have adopted the concept of integrating two energy conservation schemes to achieve better energy efficiency in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). For the purpose of analysis, we have integrated topology control mechanism and tree routing algorithm. The active nodes are elected and tree routing is performed among the elected coordinators. The tree routing algorithm chosen for our study is Degree based Energy Efficient Tree Routing Algorithm (DEETRA). For the comparative study, we have also performed simulation using Dijkstra, a conventional shortest path tree routing algorithm. The cost functions used for selection of the path are based on Residual energy of the nodes and Link Quality Indicator (LQI) of the transmission link between the nodes. By doing this, the lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network is extended and thus provides better Energy Efficiency. Simulation results show that DEETRA has 30.8% more lifetimes compared to Dijkstra algorithm. Also in Topology Controlled WSN (TCWSN), the average lifetime of a node is increased to 20.9% in DEETRA when compared to Dijkstra algorithm in TCWSN.
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Static Network; Topology Control Protocol; Energy Efficiency; Dijkstra; DEETRA; Residual Energy; Wireless Sensor Networks

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