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Enhanced Energy Efficient Method for WSN to Prevent Far-Zone

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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a distributed, dynamic and self-organized sensor network which consists of numbers of sensor nodes. Energy required for those nodes operations, including transfer and reception of data between nodes and base station is provided by a small battery inside the node which is non-replaceable one. Lifetime of node decides lifetime of overall Sensor network. In large network there is a chance for formation of hidden zone, also known as Far-Zone. It is formed within the cluster based on Minimum Reachability Power (MRP) of the nodes. In Far-Zone LEACH, Far-Zones are managed after the formation. It does not prevent the formation of Far-Zone. Proposed new energy efficient clustering protocol, Enhanced Energy Efficient method, prevents the formation Far-Zone by using Sleep Scheduling algorithm and new Clustering method. The proposed protocol performs 15-20 % better than the existing Fair-Zone protocols in terms of energy usage and network life time of WSN.
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WSN; Far Zone; Enhanced Energy Efficient Method and Sleep Scheduling

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