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RETRACTED: Mobility in the NSIS Signaling Protocol

Taam Abdelkarim(1*), Hjiaj Hassane(2), Said El Alaoui Ouatik(3), Mohammed Oumsis(4), Raouyane Brahim(5)

(1) Laboratory and Computer Modeling - Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz Fez, Morocco
(2) Laboratory LAMA, Department of Mathematics Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz Fez, Morocco
(3) 3Laboratory and Computer Modeling - Faculty of Sciences Dhar El Mahraz Fez, Morocco
(4) LRIT laboratory Associate Unit to CNRST (URAC 29)- High School of Technology -Salé, Mohammed V-Agdal University, Morocco
(5) Department of Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock Casablanca, Morocco
(*) Corresponding author


Referred to by:

Taam Abdelkarim, Hjiaj Hassane, Said El Alaoui Ouatik, Mohammed Oumsis, Raouyane Brahim, Retraction notice to "Mobility in the NSIS Signaling Protocol" [(2014) IRECAP 4 (5), pp. 215-220], (2015) International Journal on Communications Antenna and Propagation (IRECAP), 5 (6), pp. 389-389.


On the indication of the Editor-In-Chief, after a careful evaluation of a duty constituted Ethical Committee, this paper has been retracted by the Publisher because the Ethical Committee found with clear evidence that the contents of the paper are the results of a misconduct sanctioned by the Ethical Policy of Praise Worthy Prize.
Significant contents of this paper originate by the paper cited below:

Badr Benmammar, Francine Krief, "MQoS NSLP: a mobility profile management based approach for advance resource reservation in a mobile environment", 7th IFIP IEEE International Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks (MWCN 2005), Marrakech, Morocco, 2005.

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