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Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Having Multiple Error Amplifiers

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In this paper, a low-dropout voltage (LDO) regulator having multiple error amplifiers was proposed. One of the multiple error amplifiers has a low gain and a wide bandwidth, and another has a high gain and a narrow bandwidth. The multiple error amplifiers are located in the feedback loop of the LDO voltage regulator and selectively perform amplification according to the ripples of the output signals. Using the proposed LDO voltage regulator allows more efficient regulation operation because it selectively performs amplification according to the frequency and bandwidth. Furthermore, the proposed LDO voltage regulator has the same gain of 62 dB as the conventional LDO and has a wide bandwidth of 130 kHz which is about 3.5 times as high as that of the conventional LDO. Moreover, it has a faster response speed and improved load regulation and line regulation characteristics. The proposed LDO voltage regulator has an input voltage range of 2.5V-4.5V and offers a load current of 100 mA in the output voltage range of 1.2V-4.1V. This circuit is designed using BCD 0.35um process.
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Low-Dropout; Error Amp; Multiple Error Amp; LDO; Voltage Regulator

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