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A Location Based-Energy Aware Routing Approach for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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Among all the wireless network architectures, Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) has got the attention of the researchers due to its ability to create a temporary network on a fly without any centralized infrastructure. Though, the mobility feature offers multiple paths to reach the destination from which an optimal path can be selected, minimizing energy consumption of the mobile nodes have always been a challenge in MANET routing. Since the mobile nodes are battery powered, it needs to be utilized very effectively in order to keep the network connected and functioning for longtime. In this paper, we proposed and implemented a Location Based Energy Aware Routing (LB-EAR) approach which achieves load balancing and increases network life time with improved energy efficiency. Variable Transmission Power model was proposed to achieve minimum energy consumption of nodes in the network and the probability of packet re-transmission rate was reduced by controlling network overhead with some topology control. Upon comparing and analyzing the simulation results with Location Aided Routing (LAR), LB-EAR approach achieves high energy efficiency, high packet delivery ratio with low end to end delay with reduced control overhead.
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Mobile Ad Hoc Network; Energy Consumption Model; Energy Efficient Approaches; Location Aided Routing; Load balancing; Network Performance Parameters

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