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On the Application of Raised-Cosine Wavelets for Multicarrier Systems Design

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New orthogonal wavelet transforms can be designed by changing the wavelet basis functions or by constructing new low-pass filters (LPF). One family of wavelet may appeal, in use, to a particular application than another. In this study, the wavelet transform based on raised-cosine spectrum is used as an independent orthogonal wavelet to study multicarrier modulation behaviour over multipath channel environment. Then, the raised-cosine wavelet is compared with other well-known orthogonal wavelets that are used, also, to build multicarrier modulation systems. Traditional orthogonal wavelets do not have side-lobes, while the raised-cosine wavelets have lots of side-lobes; these characteristics influence the wavelet behaviour. It will be shown that the raised-cosine wavelet transform, as an orthogonal wavelet, does not support the design of multicarrier application well like the existing well-known orthogonal wavelets.
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Raised-Cosine Filter; Orthogonal Wavelets; Wavelet Transforms; Multicarrier System; OFDM; Raised-Cosine Wavelet

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