Experimental Verification of a Deterministic UWB Channel Model for Single Room Propagation Scenarios

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This paper investigates the applicability of a simple deterministic ultra-wideband (UWB) multipath propagation model to predict the path loss and root-mean-square delay spread (RDS) of a channel realized between two vertically polarized omnidirectional antennas operating at a same height in an empty room. We assume that a major part of the transmitted power captured by the receiver is carried by a direct line of sight (LOS) ray and a certain number of specularly reflected rays in the azimuthal plane. Another assumption is that a ray is attenuated at each reflection by an average wall reflectivity, a scalar factor which is introduced as a main parameter in the proposed model. A measurement campaign was conducted to verify the reliability of the proposed model. The prediction accuracy was evaluated by means of root-mean-square error (RMSE) analysis, yielding a minimum value of 0.93 dB for path loss predictions and 0.62 ns for RDS predictions at average wall reflectivity of 0.615.
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Indoor Propagation; Multipath Channels; Propagation Measurements; Ultra Wideband Communication

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