The Antenna Electrical Downtilt Improvement for KOREK_TELECOM GSM Mobile Station in Erbil City (IRAQ)

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Antenna Electrical downtilt is widely used in mobile communication networks for changing antenna radiation pattern and coverage area when downtilt angle is changed, thus the main lobe of the pattern is tilted which had a large impact on system performance.
In this paper, the impact of the mobile electrical antenna downtilt in two locations of Erbil city for KOREK_TELEKOM GSM mobile station is studied; MINARA SITE and PZISHKYCO SITE. The mobile communication coverage in these two locations was improved. The coverage of the MINARA site produces some overshooting, while the PZISHKYCO SITE has a poor amplification that produces a weak signal. This paper studied and presents the optimal solution for these two sites by decreasing the coverage of the first site and increasing the coverage of the second site using antenna electrical downtilt for beam width control which is particularly appealing for mobile antennas. Simulation and results have shown that considerable amounts of beam and coverage control as well as the optimal improvement of the problems for the presented sites have been obtained

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Antenna Tilt; Beam Width; Coverage

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