Patch Antenna Array Feed Design for a Dish Antenna

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This paper presents the design and simulation of a patch antenna array as feed for a parabolic reflector antenna in C-Band. This configuration is to serve as an alternative to conventional feed horns for in-orbit satellites to solve the size and weight problems they constitute. A 4x1 C-Band circular patch antenna array configuration with a broadside radiation pattern is designed as feed for a dish antenna with aperture illumination of 140°.  The result of analysis and simulations of the model using MATLAB and CST MWS-2012 software package suggests that the patch antenna array feed radiation characteristics are very competitive when compared to that achieved with conventional feeds for dish antennas of the same aperture illumination.
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Array Configuration; Aperture Illumination; Illumination Efficiency; Signal Excitation Amplitudes; Illumination Taper

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