An Initial Data Association Method for Frequency-Based Systems

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The association of the received signals with exact targets is the most basic and the vital problem in the multitarget applications. In the literature, this problem is known as data association. In the multitarget case, after the association of the received signal with the correct targets, these associated signals can be used in many applications such as target localization and target tracking. The errors in data association are caused to increase the error in the following steps which use the wrong associated signals. In this paper, a new initial data association method is proposed for the frequency-only systems in multitarget case. In general, the time, frequency and phase information of the received signal are used for data association. If the time resolution of the used signals is not good or enough (such as in unmodulated continuous wave (CW) signals), in this case instead of time information, using the frequency information is better.
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Data Association; Frequency-Only; Doppler Frequency

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