Metamaterial Based All Purpose Sensor Antenna

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The paper presents a compact metamaterial based sensor antenna for solid, liquid or soil moisture characterisation. The measurement setup is simple and convenient for all types of materials. The antenna comprises of a 9 arm spiral resonator embedded into the signal strip of a 50Ω Asymmetric coplanar strip transmission line fabricated on a substrate with εr 4.4, thickness 1.6mm and loss tangent 0.02. Overall size of the antenna is 10mm x 10mm x1.6mm. Since the structure is coplanar, any material beneath the spiral affects the resonant frequency. In addition, the sharp resonance gives higher sensitivity to the antenna, making it suitable for sensor applications. The antenna has omnidirectional radiation pattern giving equal sensitivity in all directions. Sensors used in real environment fluid characterisation and agriculture applications demand small dimensions to allow measurements with minimal disturbance to the surroundings, varying penetration depth and non ionising power levels. The proposed antenna satisfies the above conditions and the antenna operates in C band used in Indian remote sensing satellites for soil study.
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Metamaterial; Soil Sensor; Sensitivity

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