Microstrip Patch Multiband Antenna for C-Band, X-Band and Ku-Band Applications

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In this paper the performance of multiband antenna is investigated. This antenna has the patch with the T-slot and fed by the microstrip line. For the wideband operation the left side partial ground is used and the simulation is achieved from 0-12 GHz frequency range for this antenna design. This antenna shows the five distinct frequency bands, centered at 6.898 GHz, 9.884 GHz, 12.6 GHz, 15.68 GHz and 17.96 GHz. The proposed antenna has small size of 22 X 16 X 1 mm3 including the ground plane and the FR-4 substrate with 4.05 dielectric constant is used for the designing this antenna structure. The simulation of this antenna is done by using the electromagnetic (EM) simulation software. All five bands of this antenna are below -10 dB so all bands of this antenna is workable for the wireless communication devices.
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Microstrip Patch; Resonance Frequency; T-Slot; Partial Ground Plane

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