Design of a Flexible Metamaterial RF MEMS Circuit for Multi-Purpose/ a Tunable Bass-Band Filter

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This paper represents a new and original design of a Metamaterial circuit based on matrix of resonator cells using variable analog MEMS capacitors ‘varactors’, periodically distributed in some way to fulfill a multiple applications circuit, whose one is a tunable pass band-filter. The cells are connected together with lumped elements computed using hybrid circuit EM simulation and allow precise computation of the frequency shift for every changing of the capacitive load.  The design is extremely dynamic and can be used for numerous applications due to the agility in controlling the varactors. Those later, are actuated in some manner to achieve a tunable 2-pole pass-band filter, its center frequency is analogically and then digitally tuned from 11 to 12.6 GHz.  Return losses less than 15 dB and insertion losses better than 1 dB over the whole operation band.  The circuit has been conceived on a 525 µm-thick quartz substrate and it occupies a total area of 1.48×0.79 cm2. Finally, we discuss the challenging and opportunities in the field of Metamaterials based on RF MEMS.
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RF MEMS; Metamaterial; Hybrid Simulation; Pass-Band Filter

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