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Narrow Band and UWB Wearable Antennas: Design and Assessment of the Conformal Characteristics in Terms of Impedance Matching and Radiation Properties

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In this paper the design of textile antennas for materials with three different substrate permittivity εr =3, 2.12, 2.22 are realized. Different textile substrates having different permittivity affect the antenna performance in various ways. Here, Microstrip Patch Antenna is designed for narrow band WBAN (Wearable Body Area Network) at the frequency level of 2.45GHz & also a design of circular disc monopole textile antenna with the operating frequency of 2.5GHz to 5GHz for UWB (Ultra Wide Band) is realized. For all design, Dacron fabric, denim jeans fabric and thick fleece fabric are used as antenna substrates & woven copper threads are used as the conductive part of the antenna patch. This paper demonstrates the effects of antenna bending at three different angles for both the antennas with denim jeans substrate. Here, resonance frequency fluctuations due to impedance matching as well as effects of radiation pattern deformation due to bending for different textile material substrates are focused. Several antennas have been tested on different substrates with acceptable performance. But this paper concentrates on textiles substrates rather than others. However here, with what extent the antenna will manage to give better performance with flexibility of textile material are mainly observed.
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Microstrip Patch Antenna; Narrow Band; Antenna Bending; Permittivity; WBAN; Circular Disc Monopole Antenna; Ultra Wide Band

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