Improvement of Microstrip Antenna Performance Using Left-Handed Metamaterial Layer Composed of Rectangular Split-Ring Resonators and Thin Wires

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In this paper, the performance of a square microstrip patch antenna is improved using planer Left-Handed Metamaterial (LHM) layer composed of 2-D periodic structure of rectangular Split Ring Resonator (SRR) and Thin Wire (TW). The microstrip antenna is fed by a coaxial probe and then incorporated with the LHM layer, which is suspended above the patch through a nylon spacer. Based on the negative refractive index (NRI) of the LHM perfect lens, the radiated electromagnetic beam is focused and the beam area is reduced.  As a result, the gain and the directivity of the patch antenna as well as the radiation efficiency increase. The optimized radiation properties of the proposed antenna are achieved using a finite-element-method-based 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulator. A parametric analysis is carried out to design and optimize the SRRs/TWs-based LHM layer with NRI in a specific frequency range to be matched with the original patch antenna bandwidth. The results demonstrate that an enhancement in the gain and directivity by 3.5 dB, in the radiation efficiency by 11% of its original value withoutt MTM layer, and a reduction in the beam area by 15 %.
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Microstrip Patch Antenna; Left-Handed Metamaterials; Double Negative Materials; Negative Refractive Index; Split Ring Resonators; Thin Wires

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