Optimized Antenna for Low UHF Range Wireless Power Transfer

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In this paper, an equivalent model based on two identical loop wire antennas separated by an air gap are studies in order to design an optimized antenna for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) to improve the wireless link performance of WPT. The optimization method was utilized in this work, named Genetic Swarm Optimization (GSO). GSO has been already successfully applied to the optimization of antennas, wireless systems and energy harvesting devices, usually allowing to reduce the number of iterations, and thus the computational effort, required to optimize complex electromagnetic problems.
Simulation is done by MoMMatlab code; and then the power efficiency is calculated for optimal antennas in order to show the impact of the designing optimal antennas. Furthermore, the results are verified by comparison with FEKO Lite.

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Wireless Power Transfer; Optimization

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