Vulnerability and VoIP Threats Survey in Broadband Networks

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VoIP services are a major area in the broadband networks for telecommunication domain. This technology includes positive and negative aspects as other new technologies. Nowadays, the telecom operators provide call waiting, call transfer, conference calling, caller ID and other VoIP services based on IMS solution. Thus, VoIP security is now one of the issues over which many debates take place. In this paper, we decide to concentrate on categories of vulnerability for VoIP services which is implemented by IMS solution in broadband networks. We try to present the common security threats and vulnerabilities of VoIP services. Identifying vulnerabilities, their classification and the risks which these services are threatened by, makes the ways to penetrate in the system to be clear and hence the administrators can solve the problems. The debate on this matter would be a misleading subject without having full recognition of various specifications. In addition, to clarify the importance of identifying these types of vulnerabilities, we classify the probability threats for VoIP.
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Vulnerability; Classification; Threats; Security; VoIP

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