Vol 4, No 4 (2013)

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Novel Approach for Mass Detection in a Mammographic Computer-Aided System PDF
A. Melouah, H. F. Merouani 131-138

The Effect of Process Parameters on Yield for Zinc Borate Production PDF
N. Baran Acarali, E. Moroydor Derun, N. Tugrul, M. B. Pişkin 139-142

Thermodynamic Properties and Electron Transfer of the Interaction Between Pyropheophorbide a Methyl Ester and Copper: the Nature of Binding Forces PDF
S. Al-Omari 143-151

Nanofiltration Application for Concentrating Aqueous Waste Stream to Recover Sodium Sulphate PDF
R. S. Gawaad, S. K. Sharma, S. S. Sambi 152-156

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