Vol 3, No 5 (2012)

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Modeling Periodic and Aperiodic Behavior of Acetylcholine Hydrolysis PDF
G. Ibrahim, Saleh O., I. H. Mustafa, A. H. El Ahwany, S. S. E. H. Elnashaie 94-108

Electrodialysis and its Applications in Biotechnology PDF
Towan Kikhavani, Seyed Nezameddin Ashrafizadeh 109-124

Thermodynamic Modeling of PES/CA Blend Membrane Preparation PDF
H. Abdallah, S. S. Ali 125-135

Synergism of Microwave Irradiation and Immobilized Lipase Catalysis in Synthesis of 4,8-dimethylnon-7-en-1yl (2E)-3-phenylpro-2-enolate PDF
Ganapati D. Yadav, Somnath D. Shinde 136-143

Determining the Elemental Composition of Terminalia Brownii’s Bark Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry PDF
Atta Gaffar Attaelmanan, Hamid Idris Omar 144-146

Modified CNBr Cleavage Protocol for Efficient Separation of Met-Ser Containing OmpX-Om14 Membrane Protein Fusion PDF
Ankit Gupta, Deepti Chaturvedi, Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi 147-156

Orientational Order within Biological Membranes PDF
D. Jesenek, V. Kralj-Iglič, Aleš Iglič, Samo Kralj 157-162

AZ12 Based Design of PDK2 Inhibitors PDF
Rita Kakkar, Neeta Azad, Pragya Gahlot 163-167

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