Antioxidant, Lipo-Protective and Antibacterial Activities of Phytoconstituents Present in Solanum Xanthocarpum Root

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Present study reports the biochemical and antibacterial activities of phytoconstituents present in roots of non toxic weed S. xanthocarpum. Total phenolic contents were quantified in different fractions. Ethanolic (ET) fraction was richest (194.44±0.41 mgPGE/g) followed by ethyl acetate (EA) and aqueous (AQ) fractions (115±0.25 and 88.75± mgPGE/g, respectively). Antioxidant activity was evaluated using reducing power assay (RPA) while lipo-protective activity was determined by lipid peroxidation inhibition (LPOI)/TBARS assays in rat kidney tissue. ET, AQ and HX (hexane) fractions demonstrated significant reducing power at 1000 µg/ml concentration showing dose dependent response in the range 200-1000 µg/ml. ET and AQ fractions exhibited 52% and 45% LPOI, respectively in TBARS assay. Positive correlation was observed between total phenol and RPA (r2=0.399) as well as %LPOI (r2=0.540). Similarly relationship between RPA and %LPOI was also found to be positive (r2=0.379). Pathogenic bacteria Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumonia and Staphylococcus aureus exhibited resistance against AQ fraction in disc diffusion assay
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Antioxidant; Extracts; Free Radicals; LPOI; Phenols; Reducing Power; S. Xanthocarpum

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