Effects of Protein Binding on DNA G-Quadruplex Structures

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We report here a study of the binding affinity of a triazatruxene based G-quadruplex ligand and three derivatives to G-quadruplex structures and their selectivity with respect to duplex DNA. The parent compound AZATRUX is the best compound of the series, both in terms of affinity and selectivity
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Quadruplex; Oncogenes; Telomeres; Triazatruxene; DNA Binding

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A high G4-BMI value correlates with -stacking as major binding mode, whereas a low G4-BMI value suggests the absence of -stacking as major binding mode. For example the well-known TMPyP4 ligand, which has been reported to recognize the quadruplex mainly by tetrad stacking shows a G4-BMI around 8 (see [15]).

For AZATRUX 3 and 4 the exact binding affinities for duplex could not be determined due to too weak interactions and therefore non-specific interactions caused by the high concentration of ligands to be used in these cases are observed.

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