Density Functional Study of the Structure of Guanine Octets in Aqueous Medium

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The structures and energies of guanine quartets and octets in water were determined by DFT (Density Functional Theory) calculations using M06-2X functional and 6-31G(d, p) basic set. Guanine quartets in vacuum were found to have not only the Hoogsteen or bifurcated, but also mixed system of hydrogen bonds; in water the latter two forms are transformed into the classic Hoogsteen-type structure. Four stable configurations of G-octets with D4, C4 and S4 symmetry formed by the pairs of guanine quartets with Hoogsteen, bifurcated or mixed system of H-bonds were identified. The most advantageous structure of the G-octet molecular system in aqueous medium was shown to be S4-symmetric structure consisting of the pair of mixed Hoogsteen-bifurcated type G-quartets
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DFT; G-Octets; G-Quartets; Guanine; H-Bonds

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