Essential Oils from the Leaves and Fruit of Wild Medlar in Iran

Seyed Nser Azizi(1*), Atefeh Shoorzandi(2)

(1) Analytical Division, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran., Iran, Islamic Republic of
(2) Analytical Division, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran., Iran, Islamic Republic of
(*) Corresponding author

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The objective of the present study is focused on the chemical composition of the organic compound from Medlar's leave and fruit of Iran (Savadkooh, Mazandaran). Organic compound were extracted through solvent extraction in the soxhlet apparatus using n-Hexan. The extracts of the leaves were analyzed by gas chromatography and GC/MS system. Thirteen compounds were characterized for the essential oil from the Medlar's leaves. The results showed that the main fatty acid was linolenic acid with percentages of 28.18 in the Medlar's leaves. Fourteen compounds were identified for essential oil from the Medlar’s fruit.The results of fatty acids analyzed showed that the main fatty acid was linoleic acid with percentages of 21 in the Medlar's fruit
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Medlar; Fatty Acids; GC/MS; Soxhlet Extraction

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