A Study on the Molecular Interaction of PEG 1000 and its Blend in Toluene Using Ultrasonic Technique

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Ultrasonic study has become an important research tool in the field of polymers for investigating the structure and molecular interactions in multi component system. Ultrasonic studies were carried out on Polyethylene glycol (PEG 1000) at different concentrations (0-1%) in toluene at 303K. Ultrasonic parameters like adiabatic compressibility, free volume and internal pressure were calculated. The ultrasonic velocity decreases with increase in concentration. The effect of concentration is analyzed. An attempt has been made to blend PEG 1000 with PPG 1000 at 303K at various compositions 1:0, 0.8:0.2, 0.6:0.4, 0.5:0.5, 0.4:0.6, 0.2:0.8, 0:1 and the miscibility nature of the blend is analyzed through ultrasonic technique. The variation of ultrasonic velocity with blend composition is nonlinear and follows S-type pattern, which shows that the blend is immiscible. The miscibility nature of the blend is further confirmed through other techniques like viscosity and refractive index studies
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Free Volume; Miscibility; Polyethylene Glycol; Ultrasonic Velocity; Viscosity

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