Ag+-Induced Arrangement of Poly(dC) into Compact Ring-Shaped Structures

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We report the synthesis, circular dichroism (CD) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) characterization of DNA-based ring-shaped nanostructures resulting from folding of 700 base poly(dC) strands in the presence of silver ions (Ag+). The AFM contour length and height analyses of the molecules suggest that the poly(dC) strand in complex with Ag+ can wrap around itself forming a double helical circular molecule. Incubation of stoichiometrical complex between poly(dG)-poly(dC) with Ag+ at 50°C leads to dissociation of the strands and to spontaneous folding of the G-strand into monomolecular G-quadruplex and the C-strand into double stranded C-C duplex stabilized by Ag-ions
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AFM; CD; DNA; Poly(dC); G-quadruplex; Silver Ions

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