Boiler Emission Test Using Blended Crude Palm Oil/Medium Fuel Oil as Biofuel: a Case Study in Malaysia

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Crude palm oil (CPO) is a renewable bio-based resource. It is an attractive alternative fuel which provides the potential to reduce emission problems. CPO is an example of biofuels that can be blended with petroleum distillates as a fuel in mobile engines and industrial processes to help offset the increasing energy demand. This paper highlights the results of blended Crude palm oil (CPO)/Medium fuel oil (MFO) as an alternative environmentally friendly boiler’s fuel. Physical properties and heating values of the blended fuels been presented. Emission test of a blend containing 50% CPO in MFO fuel was also examined using a commercial boiler had been conducted in a local oil palm mill in Malaysia. The blend burned satisfactorily without major modification to the appliance and fuel delivery system. Emission of SO2, H2S  and NOx were very much  reduced as compared to the combustion of MFO. Results indicate potential replacement for the petroleum distillates with this blend
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Biofuel; Crude Palm Oil; Emission; Greenhouse Gas; MFO

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