Comparative Study of the Bromelain Extracted from Pineapple Peel (Ananas Comosus) and Curaua Leaves (Ananas Erectifolius) Varieties White and Purple

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Curaua is a fibrous plant found in northern of Brazil, is a Bromeliaceae that contains significant levels of bromelain, a group of proteolytic enzymes of high commercial value and wide application in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics. The aim of this study was to extract bromelain from pineapple and curaua (white and purple) to evaluate enzyme activity and determining the optimum values of pH and temperature, in order to optimize the conditions of use and application for further purification. In the results, bromelain from white curaua has a pH optimum of 6.0 and optimum temperature of 40°C and 60°C. For the species purple the optimum pH is 6.0 to 7.0 and optimum temperature is 40°C. On the other hand, bromelain from pineapple peel has a pH optimum of 6.0 and 7.0 and temperature optimum at 40°C
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Bromelain; Curaua; pH; Pineapple; Temperature

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