Vol 13, No 6 (2020)

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The Expert Model for Safety Risks Assessment of Aviation Environmental Projects' Implementation Within the Investment Phase of the Project PDF
Miroslav Kelemen, Volodymyr Polishchuk, Beata Gavurova, Rudolf Andoga, Darina Matisková 198-207

Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Blow-By in Light Aircraft Diesel Engines PDF
Sofia Orjuela, Guillermo Valencia, Jorge Duarte Forero 208-216

The Design of Optimal Lateral Motion Control of an UAV Using the Linear-Quadratic Optimization Method in the Complex Domain PDF
Vadim Kramar, Vasiliy Alchakov, Aleksey Kabanov, Sergey Dudnikov, Aleksandr Dmitriev 217-227

The Influence of External Operating Conditions on the Generator with Amorphous Low-Coercivity Magnetic Core PDF
Flur Ismagilov, Vyacheslav Vavilov, Ruslan Urazbakhtin, Aibulat Miniyarov, Aleksei Veselov 228-233

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