Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

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3-D Flow Simulation through the Intake and Fan of Turbofan Engine at Take-Off Conditions PDF
H. Z. Hassan, M. H. Gobran, A. Abd El-Azim 1-8

Performance Prediction for the Fan of the CF6-50 Turbofan Engine at the Off-Design Conditions PDF
H. Z. Hassan, M. H. Gobran, A. Abd El-Azim 9-17

CFD Analysis of Flow Over Airfoil with Variation in Inlet Velocity PDF
A. Hazarika, R. Thakur, T. Ashutosh, K. M. Pandey 18-27

Intelligent Control of Twin-Rotor MIMO System Using Fuzzy Inference Techniques PDF
A. Che Soh, R. Z. Abdul Rahman, H. Md. Sarkan, L. T. Yeo 28-39

Evaluation of an A*-EC Hybrid Path Planning Method for UAVs Using Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation PDF
Katsushi Mitsutake, Shin-Ichiro Higashino 40-47

Heat Flux Computation in Hypersonic Flow with Cartesian Mesh Using Hybrid Solution Methodology PDF
V. Ashok, V. Adimurthy, George Joseph 48-53

Enhanced Modified Voronoi Algorithm for UAV Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance PDF
Jennifer N. Wilburn, Mario G. Perhinschi, Brenton K. Wilburn 54-63

Influence of Geometrical Parameters of Heat Shield on Flow Characteristics at Transonic Mach PDF
R. C. Mehta 64-75

Image Processing-Based Technique for Computation of Axial Sound Source Distribution in a Chocked Screech Jet PDF
Mohammed K. Ibrahim 76-82

CFD Analysis of the Flow Over a National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) 0009 Airfoil PDF
T. Ashutosh, R. Thakur, A. Hazarika, K. M. Pandey 83-94

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