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Integrated Starter-Generator Based on a Brushless DC Machine for the Aircraft Piston Demonstrator Engine APD-500

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This article presents a methodology for the development of a promising integrated starter-generator based on a 5 kW Brushless DC Machine with a rotation speed of 6000 rpm for the aviation piston demonstrator engine APD-500 developed for an aircraft with a piston engine and a parallel hybrid electric propulsion system. The developed integrated starter-generator has three modes of operation: in the starter mode, launching the APD-500, in the generator mode, providing electricity generation on board the aircraft and in the electric motor mode for twisting the aircraft propeller shaft in flight (implementation of a parallel hybrid electric propulsion system). Upon completion of the stages of design, construction and calculations, a prototype integrated starter-generator with a DC converter and two control units has been created, which have passed ground tests on an experimental bench as part of an APD-500 aircraft piston engine, showing a 5% discrepancy with the results of computer numerical simulation. The results of ground tests of integrated starter-generator aboard of the aircraft at the airfield have also confirmed the stable operation and the ability to provide the required flight characteristics of presented system.
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Aircraft; Aircraft Propulsion; Brushless Machines; Generators; Numerical Analysis

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