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Link Margin Assessment for CubeSat Using Long Range Communication System

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In order to predict and estimate the main Radio Frequency (RF) factors, the communication link between the satellite and the ground station relies on various propagation and associated losses that are either steady or differ with the different climate boundary conditions. The manuscript defines the concept of how to broadcast the Long Range (LoRa) & Internet of Things (IoT) messages service through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite in specified allocation frequency bands such as Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and S band frequency. Several simulations have been conducted based on the correlated study for the link budget approach for uplink and downlink at the selected frequency bands to estimate the link margin parameters between the LoRa target and the first nanosatellite of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWASAT-1). The evaluation of the link budget analysis for the DEWASAT-1 and LoRa communication is defined in this paper. The paper approach carried out in this work allows predicting carrier-to-noise density, the bit error rate, and free space path loss for different types of modulations schemes and various elevations. Finally, the simulations steered for this study are used to verify the feasibility of the LoRa communication system via satellite.
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BER; C/N; DEWASAT-1; FSPL; LEO; Link Margin

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