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Development and Design of a Starter-Generator for a Turbofan Engine

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The purpose of this article is to develop a starter-generator (STG) with reduced supply voltage of 27 V for a turbofan engine. The analysis has showed that the existing design schemes of the STG are mainly designed for high voltage, due to the complexity of the implementation of the power converter. As a result of the conducted research, a method for increasing efficiency has been proposed by modifying the phase commutation control method, and a power converter topology that allows all the operating modes of the designed STG has been developed. In addition, in this article, a comparison of two methods of phase commutation, traditional and with a modified angle has been presented and its result shows the difference and the prospects, as well as the effectiveness of the chosen solution. Thermal calculations have confirmed the possibility of providing all the necessary operating modes, in which the temperature of the active elements has not exceeded the permissible values. The resulting technical solution of the STG has a mass of the active part of no more than 6.09 kg, and it allows providing an output power of up to 40 kW in all the operating modes, at frequencies from 1000 rpm to 12367 rpm.
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Starter-Generator; Starter-Generator Design; Turbofan Engine; Starter Mode; Generator Mode; Phase Switching Angle

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