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Modern Methodology for the Design of Advanced Electrical Machines and Electronics Units Based on FMEA Concept

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In this work, a methodology for choosing the modern and advanced electrical machines and electronic units’ concept, based on FMEA, has been developed. The developed methodology for choosing the electrical machine and the electronic unit concept allows minimizing the probability of making an error at the initial stage of electrical machine and electronic unit design. As an example, the application of the developed methodology for choosing the modern and advanced electrical machine concept for small-sized aircraft generator has been considered. In order to verify the developed methodology for choosing the electrical machines and the electronic units’ concept, the small-sized aircraft generator has been designed according to the selected concept and the small-sized aircraft generator experimental studies have been carried out. The research results have proved the relevance of the application of the developed methodology for choosing the modern and the advanced electrical machines and electronic units’ concept.
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Electrical Machine; Electronic Unit; Failure Modes and Effects Analysis; Small-Sized Aircraft Generator; Modern and Advanced Electrical Machines Design

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