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An Empirical Correlation for the Penetration of a Cryogenic Liquid Jet into a Gaseous Crossflow

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Empirical correlations have been widely used to map the penetration and trajectory of an injected liquid jet into a gaseous crossflow. Such correlations for the case of cryogenic liquid injection into a gaseous crossflow of the same species are limited. In this study, medium-resolution images of the injection of cryogenic liquid nitrogen into a gaseous nitrogen crossflow with momentum blowing ratios of 1-4 and Weber numbers of 1500-4500 are captured and image analysis is used to identify the jet boundary. Using these data, an empirical correlation for the penetration of liquid nitrogen into a gaseous crossflow as a function of momentum blowing ratio and downstream distance from the point of injection is developed. Minimizing the root mean square error of the correlation parameters over the full range of experimental conditions investigated leads to a power-law correlation with a mean error of 16%.
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Injection; Crossflow; Cryogenic; Penetration Depth; Liquid Trajectory

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