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Impact of the Intake Vortex on the Stability of the Turbine Jet Engine Intake System

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The article presents a numerical analysis of the intake system of a turbine jet engine in terms of parameter stability along its duct, following the occurrence of an intake vortex. This type of intake system is characterized by high susceptibility to intake vortex. In extreme cases, this type of phenomenon leads to the engine surge and even to the operation disruption (engine stalling). The article presents a developed model of the front part of the aircraft with an intake duct. The discretization process involved in the issue under consideration has been described. The airflow parameters corresponding to the conditions in such cases have been adopted and numerical calculations have been performed. The result is an intake vortex. Subsequently, significant cross sections in the intake system have been separated, on which the impact pressure distributions have been determined. The main part of the article is devoted to the analysis of pressure distributions. They have been subjected to quantitative analysis using the proposed pressure coefficient. The coefficient has provided quantitative information about the difference in pressure distributions for selected sections. The results obtained have provided information about mounting airflow instability in the flow duct caused by the intake vortex.
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Intake Vortex; Numerical Fluid Dynamics; Turbine Jet Engine; Jet Engine Inlet; Pressure Distribution in the Engine Inlet

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